All About Dentures

January 30, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Few things can boost your confidence as much as a beautiful smile full of healthy teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes decay, damage, or gum disease can mar the look in which you have always taken so much pride. If you have suffered tooth loss, your first priority is no doubt to restore your smile to what it used to be. When you have lost a significant amount of teeth, dentures can offer you a simple, convenient solution, improving your quality of life and restoring your ability to enjoy your favorite foods.

Types of Dentures

There are a few choices when it comes time to have a dentist in Amarillo fit you with a new set of teeth, including:

  • Conventional: These are the full dentures you probably picture when you think of replacement teeth. With this type, all of the remaining teeth must be removed from your mouth, and the gum tissue permitted to heal before actually using the dental appliance.
  • Immediate: Like full dentures, this treatment replaces all of your teeth, however the appliance is fitted at the same time the teeth are extracted. It is sometimes necessary to have the denture modified or remade once everything has healed up inside your mouth.
  • Overdenture: With this type of treatment, your remaining teeth are saved, and undergo a preparatory process so that the appliance can fit over them. Saving some of your teeth gives your jawbone and gum line added support and structure.
  • Partials: This is a type of restorative dentistry which is appropriate when you do have at least one healthy natural tooth remaining. Also known as a bridge, the artificial teeth are attached to a plate which is custom fit to your mouth.

Your Amarillo dentist can advise you on the best choice of denture type for your situation.

What to Expect

As with anything new, it takes some time to adjust to dentures. You may experience some gum soreness or irritation, however in just a few weeks you should start to become used to your new teeth. Be sure to follow your dentist’s recommendations on care and cleaning, as well as what type of adhesive you should use for your dental appliance.

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