candidate for cosmetic dentistry

Are you a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry? Jack Fong, DDS in Amarillo, TX wants to help our patients determine if they might benefit from a bit of cosmetic dentistry. However, the first step is to ensure that a patient’s teeth and gums are in optimal health. Once any restorative and general dentistry needs are met, and there is no sign of decay or gum disease, then he can provide his skills as a cosmetic dentist.

As your chosen dentist in Amarillo, Dr. Fong understands that no two patients are alike and will create a customized treatment plan for each. In fact, it is your willingness to accept that your cosmetic needs may require more than one procedure that might make you a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry. To ensure that all patients have a full array of options, we can provide a long list of cosmetic solutions. Your cosmetic dentistry needs might include:

Recognizing and accepting that you may need several different procedures to get the smile of your dreams is a good first step. A candidate for cosmetic dentistry is someone who realizes that their customized solutions require different stages and steps. As an example, you might have some staining that is difficult to erase with whitening, and at the same time you might have a chipped tooth. Rather than using a crown and ongoing whitening, you may be better suited to dental veneers or some bonding. Your willingness to hear the options makes you a better candidate for cosmetic dentistry than someone who wants it done in one visit.

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