benefits of dental implants

It is interesting to hear what many different people think about the benefits of dental implants. Many discuss them in terms of cosmetic benefits, expressing the importance of a smile that is free of gaps or missing teeth. Yet, as your dentist in Amarillo, we want you to know about the restorative benefits of dental implants, too.

Certainly, no one wants to be missing one or more teeth as it makes most people quite self-conscious. However, missing teeth is also an oral health and even a quality of life concern. After all, with one or more missing teeth your natural bite is going to change. You chew different, change your diet, and even begin to experience changes in the positions of remaining teeth. Over time this can further jeopardize those teeth and even lead to jaw pain.

As your preferred Amarillo dentist, we also want our patients to understand that the benefits of dental implants also relate to your jaw and gum tissue. Implant dentistry emphasizes replacing the entire tooth – roots and crown. This is vital to preserving the jaw and gum tissue, preventing recession and shrinkage.

So, let’s take a moment to review the many benefits that come from working with our implant dentist:

  • You get the cosmetic benefits of dental implants that replace missing teeth, or which even work as reliable anchors for bridges or dentures
  • When you work with our dental implants specialist you also ensure your natural bite is retained, ensuring jaw health and also protecting remaining teeth from moving or damage
  • Dental implants prevent gum tissue and bone recession
  • Implants ensure you look, speak and eat like you always have and that you are not prematurely aged by the collapse of soft tissue no longer supported by teeth

A blend of restorative and cosmetic benefits are yours to be enjoyed when you get in touch to discuss dental implants.

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