benefits of dentures

Benefits of Dentures

Millions of people have an outdated view of dentures. They hear the word and think of their grandparents and of plates sitting in glasses to soak. While cleaning dentures is something that still occurs, the dentures of yesteryears and today’s dentures are not all that similar. They are a wonderful solution to many issues and why Jack Fong, DDS in Amarillo, TX would like patients to learn about the many benefits of dentures.

Restoring Smiles

One of the first things to understand about the different benefits of dentures is that they are always a form of restorative dentistry. It is not only the smile that is restored, though. It is the function of the mouth, and this means that dentures are directly related to health and quality of life. Consider a few summary points about their benefits:

The let you eat a full diet

Dentures are made just for your gums and dental needs, they will fit like a glove and allow you to eat anything you wish – except for incredibly chewy or very hard foods.

They let you look and speak like normal

Missing teeth allow all kinds of changes in the mouth and the soft tissue of the face. Without teeth, you might look prematurely aged and your speech will change, dentures halt such issues.

They meet your needs

Whether you require full dentures to replace the loss of teeth on an upper or lower arch or partials to restore use to an area of the mouth, they are available in many forms to meet your needs.

As a preferred dentist in Amarillo, Dr. Fong also reminds patients that some other benefits of dentures include fewer trips to the dentist as the years pass. While you still need checkups and cleanings, dentures replace teeth and this means fewer risks for dental issues. As your dentures specialist, we can also say that dentures are an ideal solution because they are long lasting, easy to adjust and comfortable to use.

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