Sleep Apnea Treatment Facts

November 18, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Do you know much about sleep apnea? It is an amazingly serious condition, and Jack Fong, DDS in Amarillo, TX encourages any patients diagnosed with the condition to learn as many sleep apnea facts as possible. After all, it is a condition that causes you to stop breathing many times each night. It interrupts healthy sleep cycles and can trigger a long list of additional health issues. Let’s take some time to learn more about the sleep apnea facts, plus several others.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Key

As your trusted dentist in Amarillo, we cannot diagnose your sleep apnea. Instead, we can work with you to develop an effective sleep apnea treatment. Why can’t we diagnose it? That is something that requires a sleep lab or clinic, or a doctor approved testing facility. They will determine if you are just a heavy snorer or if you are suffering sleep apnea.

What’s the difference? This is one of the key sleep apnea facts, and important for anyone diagnosed to understand. When you have the condition, it means that the soft tissue at the top and back of the throat is collapsing to the rear of the throat as you sleep in bed. This first limits and then blocks the air from reaching your lungs. It does make a snoring sound, but as it closes entirely, it stops your breathing. You snort yourself awake and can do this countless times each night.

The result of the condition is that patients may experience extreme daytime fatigue, to the point of danger. They can have high blood pressure, increase their chances for obesity, diabetes, and heart attack, and more. This is why treatment is so important.

What is treatment? Most are surprised to discover that sleep apnea treatment can be as simple as an oral appliance that fits comfortably and safely in the mouth, and which is worn to bed each night. While some require more complex machines (usually called CPAP machines), we have effectively helped patients with customized appliances that prevent the soft tissue from collapsing the airway.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Sleep Apnea Treatment

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