There is nothing more important in the dental industry these days than being on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. When we think about it here in Dr. Jack Fong’s office, we are often amazed at how far we’ve come – some of us are even old enough to remember when people came to us in terror, wondering what we were going to do to them. Would they have to spit blood into a basin? Wait forever for the anesthesia to work? Walk out with a horrible-looking mercury-based filling?

Certainly, we have come a long way. Thanks to modern dental technology, we can treat people in a shorter timeframe, with less pain, and more effectively. Let’s talk about some of the advances in dental technology.

Soft Laser Tissue – AMD Laser

If you asked anyone who visits a dentist office what bothers them the most, they are likely to tell you that it is the drill. The sound, the smell, the horror when the dentist moves it toward your mouth – it is all about the drill. The next worse thing is the needle. And that is not unreasonable either – when you think of someone driving a sharp object into your gums or palate, of course you are going to be afraid.

Today, though, we use soft tissue laser technology. It is not drilling. And in most cases, you will not even need anesthetic. Soft laser technology takes decay out of your teeth faster than drilling, and you do not even need anesthetic. It is an ideal option for many patients.

CT Cone Beam

If you have ever hated dental x-rays, then you’ll love CT cone beam scans. With this method, your dentist can find out what is going on in your mouth without needing to shove in metal plates and make you bite down. There is little or no intrusion, and your dentist can get a full picture of your mouth. Your entire jaw, and the underlying structure, is visible. This is a lot more effective than dental x-rays, and a lot safer as well. In addition, you do not have to wait for the films to be developed – because everything is digital, your dentist knows right away what is going on, what your issues are, and what course of treatment is right. Basically, it just works better and makes a lot more sense.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

In order to be sure that your oral health is good, you need to know that cavities are identified early on. Once they have a chance to grow and develop, they can move into adjacent teeth and cause all manner of trouble. Accordingly, you want to identify tooth decay in its early stages.

The first line of defense against tooth decay is a visual examination by your dentist, but the reality is that he or she may not find every little problem. Sometimes, cavities can be in very early stages, and a visual exam will not identify the problem. DIAGNOdent will, though. This is a state-of-the art cavity screening system that will find even the smallest cavities – the ones that your dentist cannot identify by means of a visual exam. And once identified, even the tiniest cavities can be corrected. DIAGNOdent works very effectively, with your dentist, for your benefit.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

How many oral cancers do you suppose are identified before they get to the life-threatening point? It is actually only about 35%. This is because until recently, your only defense against oral cancer was a visual examination by your dentist, and if he or she did not say “I think something looks off here,” your cancer could go undiagnosed.

The fact is that a lot of the time, oral cancers actually start way below the surface, and the naked eye is not going to catch them. With VELscope, though, oral cancer can be detected below the surface, long before it has an opportunity to take hold. This can increase the potential survival rate by over 80% and is just one of the ways in which modern dental technology can improve your health and increase your potential lifespan.

Oral cancer is very treatable and has a high survival rate when caught early. But you have to catch it. So, see your dentist for regular checkups and oral cancer screenings.

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